Corrie’s Curling Capers

Corrie’s Capers 3rd book had a soft launch thanks to Covid-19 but people have been ordering on-line and buying from my lovely stockists – thank you! Another busy time for me is normally around Book Week Scotland.

School visits aren’t possible so I have recorded myself reading the books for use in schools and nurseries. Please use the website contact tab if you would like to purchase books for your school classroom libraries and gain free access to these digital resources. Timing doesn’t have to be around Book Week Scotland, these can be used at any time of year.

Handsome Hamish

Managed to dodge the showers yesterday and enjoyed a wee walk out with Hamish.

I can’t believe how he’s grown in such a short time!



Bessie on boat



I couldn’t believe my luck when Bessie’s Mum decided to sit next to us on the Caledonian Isles today. They gave me a chew stick all to myself  –  yay! Bessie is only a few weeks old but was so well behaved on the boat. She lives in Stevenston and her big sister Isla gave me lots of gentle pats – she starts school next week.

Brodick Highland Games

Mum was away at the Brodick Highland Games for most of today. This copy of The Westie Fest is going back to  Fife – one delighted wee girl! 🙂

Terriers Treats

Another lovely sunny day in Lamlash. We have had such a lovely run of good weather.

I met Birkie and his Mum Alene this morning on Lamlash Green. Thanks for sharing your gravy bones!

Yum 🙂