Ocean of Dreams

No quiet Sunday morning lie in with this Ted around!

Ted is on his holidays and was living up to his Kennel Club  name “Ocean of Dreams”.

He was having an absolute ball swimming in the sea this morning, running around like a mad thing, full of energy and loving the water.

My KC name is “Dream Dancer” but you won’t see any fancy footwork from me. I much prefer doodling along.

He’s 13 months, I’m 13 years old- oh, these young things, I’m feeling my age!


The morning started out pretty quiet and I enjoyed a lovely roll in the grass.

Then I bumped into Ted… he’s growing up so quickly!!

And, just as we were heading home, Raffles clip clopped along to say hello with Janet.

Lassie aka Saskia

I met Saskia on Lamlash green yesterday. She’s a rescue dog previously called Lassie.







She reminded me a wee bit of my pal Kyle, but he was a Sheltie and a lot smaller 🙂

Hello Hamish

“Corrie, let’s go and meet a 12 week old pup” Mum says, “he’s adorable!”

Hmm, okay, I’ve got to admit that Hamish is a lovely wee black lab.

I feel very honoured to be his first walking companion on Lamlash beach.  It won’t be long before he’s galloping off without me with those very long legs.


Kayaks and yachts galore, I’m loving this brilliant spell of weather!

Terrier Treats

Delighted to meet Birkie today on Lamlash Green. Thanks to Arlene for sharing treats with me!! 🙂

Headline News

Thanks so much to Colin at The Arran Banner for his fabulous write up about Mum’s book “The Westie Fest”.  All these people keep asking for my paw print now! 😉

Mum’s in Auld Reekie

General Assembly, so I stayed home with Dad this time. Oh I do enjoy trips home to Edinburgh.


Ted’s Treats

 Oh Thanks Auntie Janis, I like Ted’s treats too! 🙂

Corrie Paddling

Corrie Paddling




I know there’s a crab in here somewhere!! Come out, come out wherever you are!!