Happy 2019!

Last summer, it wasn’t looking too hopeful that I’d see 2019 – hey hey, still life in the old dog yet!

It was a tad chilly today so I was wearing my smart tartan coat. Bumped into Monty just as Mum’s phone battery died…

He’s a very handsome young Westie although the photo doesn’t show that. Hope you have a grrrreat holiday on Arran Monty! I can recommend the Arran Butcher’s Steak Pie, I enjoyed that on New Year’s Day – braw!  Wishing you all a very healthy and happy 2019.




Ted welcome!

A wee trip back to see vet Charlotte today –  Ted was very welcoming at reception 🙂


I couldn’t wait to get home to sit out on the balcony on such a glorious day.


Handsome Hamish

Managed to dodge the showers yesterday and enjoyed a wee walk out with Hamish.

I can’t believe how he’s grown in such a short time!



Ooo la la – puppies galore!

After all the stormy, wet weather everyone was out enjoying the sunshine this afternoon.

I met Poppy a 6 month old French Bulldog and then Marley an adorable 3 month old Springer/Cocker Spaniel.

My Yorkie neighbours Zeb and Lou

07:30 and a bit chilly but great to meet neighbours Zeb and Lou this morning. So well trained AND they like to sit for photos.

I like Yorkshire Terriers! Ruby was my  first ever bestie and she features on my A-Z poster of places, pals and Westie Wonders.

We met at dog training classes  but we weren’t top of the class, that’s for sure!

Still here to tell the tale…

Wasn’t feeling too great this week and I decided to scare Mum by staying overnight on a drip in Vet Emergency in Glasgow. However, I’m still here to tell the tale and my tail is now wagging as I’ve been to see Charlotte and made it back to Lamlash Bay. Bumped into my buddy Bilbo, he’s a Havenese dog – such a lovely pal and my Mum always stops for a natter with his Mum, Aileen. We then met this great big pup Caesar, he’s a 6 month old German Shepherd – a gentle giant.


Love at first sniff….

Nose to nose with Hector, we took a wee shine to each other!

He’s only 6 so would have to be classed as my toy boy.

Then I met Kookie and Cheeco out for their walk, not so keen on the photography!



How do you do to Pippa & Roo!

A day for the ducks and I stayed indoors for most of it!

Ventured out this evening and bumped into these lovely lively pups.


Meet 8 month old Pippa from Mauchline               and Roo the whippet from Lamlash.


Milli and Duke

Playing follow my leader with Milli this morning on Lamlash beach, she’s always smiling.


Duke was ready to spring… so I moved quickly on by! He’s so white and such a handsome dog.


Ollie and Tabitha looking for homes!

Whilst Mum has been on holiday in Orkney I’ve been having a great time staying with my Auntie Jeanie-Bee.

Treats galore, a lovely back garden to play in and chase away any uninvited guests….moi?

Just been to Arran Vets and bumped into kittens Tabitha and Ollie. They are just 10 weeks old, getting their jags and needing homes.

Anyone out there looking for a lovely wee companion?


Unfortunately, with my track record of chasing Molly in Kinneil cul de sac they won’t be able to come home with me🐾