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Headline News

Thanks so much to Colin at The Arran Banner for his fabulous write up about Mum’s book “The Westie Fest”.  All these people keep asking for my paw print now! 😉

Mum’s in Auld Reekie

General Assembly, so I stayed home with Dad this time. Oh I do enjoy trips home to Edinburgh.


Ted’s Treats

 Oh Thanks Auntie Janis, I like Ted’s treats too! 🙂

Corrie Paddling

Corrie Paddling




I know there’s a crab in here somewhere!! Come out, come out wherever you are!!

Morning Sun over Holy Isle

Morning sun over Holy Isle

Everyone is in good spirits with this sunny spell. I get quite hot whilst on ‘bay watch’ from my balcony.
Lamlash has it’s own wee weather patterns and there’s always something very special about the sun over Holy Isle.

Corrie in her tartan coat
This was me in February with my tartan coat on.

Mum playing with her iPhone again this morning “panoramic view” – spot me searching for crunchy seaweed 🙂

Holy Isle Panorama

Another glorious day here on Arran, what a wonderful world.

I had a lovely wee paddle out in Lamlash Bay – fabulous.

What a wonderful day

On the way home I bumped into Maisie and Finn who come over to the caravan park up the road each year. Great to catch up with them again.

Corrie with friends

The house martins are buzzing, they still haven’t settled on their site for nesting.
I love having them to stay in our apex… Dad’s not so keen about the poo.
Here’s a snap of me nose to nose with a fledgling last year.

corrie with fledgling
Mum didn’t trust me so the door was kept firmly closed… I wonder why? It is kinda cute 🙂

Seasons to be cheerful!

What a difference a day makes…Yesterday our walkies were in the pouring rain and I was soaked through three times!!

wet and windy day

Today is like a summer’s day… phew I had to cool down in the water I was so hot.

sunny day

Great meet up with Sadie, her Mum is always generous with gravy bones!!! Ted the new pup was splashing in the bay but hey, I had my treats so I didn’t really mind him running around daft.

Ted plying in the water

The house martins are getting ready to nest… I wonder if they will be using our apex this year? I had close encounters with a chick last year… more about that next time!

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