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Lamlash Green – November

Lovely day on Arran and I was enjoying a wee tootle out in the sunshine. Here’s Shera, 20 months old and very bouncy – I’m getting ready to dodge him!

Sadie at 13 is a tad more sedate. Age brings it’s challenges but we all like biscuits! Talking of which… any Woofibbles on the go?

Best Boxer buddy!

Book deliveries!

A beautiful day for running around Arran☀️ This was Auntie Jeanie.bee’s first visit to the lovely new Distillery at Lagg. Thanks to everyone for their book orders!!

Introducing Jetsan

Bit of a dreich day but Mum was pleased to bump into Sheila and Freya with Jetsan.  He’s very bouncy and full of life. Not sure if his name is from the Tibetan word meaning king?

Lovely morning!

Delighted to meet Daisy and Stanley out walking on Lamlash Green today 😊🐾

Smithy from Woodside Farm – what a snout!


Artists Hannah and Lucas

Lovely colouring and drawing by Hannah at the book launch. Lucas took me out for a game of football. He was one of the prize winners in my Christmas competition.

I met this Corgi pup out on it’s first ever walk – Mum thought it was super cute! My lovely Staffie neighbour Lola bought a Westie Fest book – how kind I must pawtograph it🐾

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