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Press coverage and we’re going to press!

Thank you to The Arran Banner for this fab article and for posting pictures of our winning entries.

Corrie’s Library Capers is now with Ivanhoe Caledonian ready to print. Exciting times!

Winners of Corrie’s Art Competition

Children were invited to draw or paint a picture of themselves and Corrie with their favourite book at their local library.

Well done to Hari and Frey for their fabulous winning entries!

Hari from Glasgow
Freya from the Isle of Arran

Mary’s Meals feeding more than 2 Million

Delighted when Mary’s Meals reached 1 million in 2015 and just six years later it’s up to 2 million children every school day.

That is equivalent to providing meals for the entire population of Glasgow x 3 in one day!

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